Alicia Avery

Marina's step-sister



Alicia Avery

Alicia Avery is Marina’s step-sister, and the only person she is currently close to in any sort of manner not professional. She is also directly related to [DATA EXPUNGED], as it was her removal that [DATA EXPUNGED]. Beyond that, however, she is far [DATA EXPUNGED], showing only mild depression issues [DATA EXPUNGED]. In addition, she shows considerable skill at tactics and knows much about history, both military and otherwise, due to her training by the US Military. While not as trusting and accepting of authority figures as Marina, she is still considerably easy to manage due to her quieter personality.

She shows interest in country music, but considers Marina’s obsession with romance a silly thing at best. She herself enjoys more cerebral pursuits such as chess, puzzles, and the like, and she regularly paints and draws, albeit with little actual skill at it. In addition, she has shown an interest in learning how to cook.

Of special note is the fact that she is missing her left leg below mid-thigh, a result of the fire in 2006. While unable to partake in heavy physical activity like sprinting, climbing, and other things, she possesses almost unhindered mobility in normal day to day life do to the extremely high grade prosthetic leg she utilizes, provided to her by the US Military [DATA EXPUNGED] project the two were recruited for. However, she typically attempts to keep this fact hidden, wearing tall shoes, full length and heavy clothing, etc, and not mentioning it unless the situation requires her to do so.

Alicia Avery

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