Director Adele Lacroix

Director of NERV-07. International woman of mystery.


Rumors About The Director:

  • The only reason there is a door in her office is so other people can walk in and out. The Director, on the other hand, uses NERV’s system of secret passages. This is also why you never spot her until she is right behind you.
  • Sometimes she can be found in the MAGI Chamber, the tiny, cramped maintenance access under the primary computational installation with a glass of some amber liquid in hand, speaking to the computers in her native tongue.
  • She doesn’t sleep at night. Instead, she wanders the complex, overseeing the night staff. Some whispers even say that she spends time in the labs after midnight, conducting some sort of research.
  • The Director has LCL piped up to her penthouse apartment so that she can bathe in the stuff.
  • Something happened to the Director. Look at those scars, no one could have taken that much punishment and be as able as she is — someone or something put her back together. Which is why she’s never been spotted in the cafeteria: whatever happened to her, she doesn’t need to eat anymore. At least, she doesn’t need to eat food like people do…
  • Director Lacroix once had a staring contest with a deactivated Evangelion. She won, best out of three.
  • The Director is fluent in 11 languages. Five of them are dead. Two have never been spoken by the tongues of man.
  • The real reason Director Lacroix is so beat up? She saw Second Impact first-hand.
  • At any given time, the MAGI system has a great deal of free runtime, unless a priority processing job is working. At NERV-07, this runtime is usually occupied by low-level distributed processing programs, by order of the Director. These programs are simulated Tibetan prayer wheels, operated in an attempt to run a DDOS attack on Heaven itself.
  • The Director is cancelling Christmas bonuses this year. When asked why, she muttered something about cancelling Christmas.
  • Director Lacroix started a charity in North Africa after Second Impact called Deek for Dinar, selling simple magic eye puzzles to children in more well off countries to help rebuilding efforts in Africa.
  • The cognitive interface for the Evangelion system is modeled on a single human whose brain patterns were most compatible with a giant robotic monster. That person was Director Lacroix.
  • The Evangelion Project was started when Director Lacroix heard the phrase “if God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him” and took it literally.

Director Adele Lacroix

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