Ivan Probirkovich Sem

Callsign: Goose


Name: Ivan Probirkovich Sem
Unit: EVA Unit R-00
Lifepath: Manufactured
Class: Skirmisher


WS 33 +3
BS 35 +3
St 35 +3
To 29 +2
Ag 35 +3
Int 28 +2
Per 29 +2
WP 33 +3
Fel 37 +3
Sync 31 +3
Wounds 13/13
Fate Points 2
Ego Barrier 35
Insanity 0

Ivan crop

Charming 5 depth
Driven 10 depth
Prepared 10 depth

Depressive 10 depth
Dark Secret (Clone) 10 depth
Duty of Care 15 depth

Speak Lang (English)
Speak Lang (Russian)
Common Lore (Local News)
Command (Talented)
Charm (Talented)

Skill Proficiency x2
Biological Upgrade (Free)
Weapon Upgrade (Free)
Talented (Command)
Talented (Charm)
Weapon Expert
WUP x?
SUP x?

AT Powers:
AT Power (Deflective Field)
AT Power (Neutralize)

2 AP, Arms, Body, Legs, 7kg
Nerv ID

Lifepath: Manufactured
Logic, Decieve (INT) Trained
Implanted Memories (Command, Charm)
Distinguished Donor (Charming)
Inhuman Biology (Alcohol)
Flawed (Dark Secret)

Scout: 400/999 (200 exp left to spent)
Dodge (100 exp)
Weapon Expert (200 exp)
SUP x?
WUP x?



Ivan is living is lie. In his case, literally. Oh there was once a pilot named Ivan Probirkovich Sem but the manufactured now living his life is not the real Ivan. The original Ivan Probirkovich Sem (aka Ivan’) was the seventh attempt by Nerv Russia to create their own culture grown pilot for use with their Eva research, especially in regards to the Dummy Plug program. Grown from a carefully mapped out genetic sequence, Ivan proved to be an exceptional resource for Nerv-Russia’s research and an exceptional pilot. What no one suspect was that he would also develop into a truly exceptional human being. Charismatic, loyal, self-effacing, and dedicated, Ivan’ won the hearts of the Nerv staff he worked with, even before he stepped into the fully operational R-00. He took on risks that would have killed a lesser man, and, in fact did. Fortunately Nerv-Russia had an ample supply of backup bodies ready to instantiate for his eventually fatalities. This, however was a closely guarded secret, one that contributed an wild unsubstantiated rumors about his luck and skill. He became the darling of Russian Media and the Russian Government agreed to sponsor the R-00
-When Ivan’s fate finally caught up with him, Nerv-Russia’s commander determined that releasing details of his death would be a serious PR fiasco and result in the loss of drastically needed funding. Therefore he authorized the creation of a flash clone, using Ivan’s DNA and elements of the original Ivan’s neural scan. Once created and fitted with basic memories and skills, the new Ivan (Ivan-1) was given a very specific mission. “Don’t let anyone know, don’t fuck up to bad.” No one, you see, had been told that Ivan had been killed, merely that he had been seriously injured. In the weeks following Ivan-1’s reintroduction, he has struggled with reintegrating with a team that already knows him, keeping that secret. That’s, of course, ignoring all the other problems he has.

-The circumstances of the death of Ivan’ are a deeply kept secret. What is known is that Ivan’ was acting oddly shortly before the incident, and afterwards, all copies of Ivan’ were destroyed and his neural recording partially deleted.

-First, as a quickly grown and more or less incomplete copy of a clone, his body has been plagued by problems. Ivan-1 is allergic to alcohol and vodka in particular (which, in any other country than Russia would not be as big of a deal). He is also non-responsive to most forms of medical treatment that aren’t administered by Nerv’s special cloning technicians. Furthermore there are concerns that the imprinting of another personalities memories and skills onto a different clone will cause long term mental problems.

-The first sign of these problems may be the depressive bouts Ivan-1 has been subject too. The stress of fitting in, guilt about lying to his comrades, and worry about his, and the original Ivan’s fate constantly plague him.

-Ivan’s only solace has been one of his other burdens, Anna. A young orphan more or less picked up by Ivan’. She began living with Ivan’ as a stabilizing element for the young pilot and after the death of Ivan’, Ivan-1 and Nerv Command found themselves unable to conceal the truth from her. She has taken it upon herself to act as Ivan-1’s big sister, a change which has amused the other pilots and proved an invaluable support for Ivan-1. Everyone admits that she’s done a lot of growing up since the death, but she still cries herself to sleep every night.

Ivan Probirkovich Sem

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