Marina Maynard

EVA Team Leader


43 WS
43 BS
30 S
41 T
47 Ag
30 Int
31 Per
32 WP
32 Fel
52 Sync
16/16 Wounds
4 Fate Points
1 Fate Point: Subordinate
35 Ego Barrier
1 Insanity 11 for purposes of WP Test Modifiers/Disorders
4/8/12/24 Movement

Athletics (Ag/S) T
Command (Fel) T Talented
Common Lore (NAU) (Int) T
Common Lore (War) (Int) T Talented
Dodge (Ag) T
Literacy (English) (Int) T
Perform (Fel) T
Scholastic Lore (Angels) (Int) T
Scholastic Lore (Evangelions) (Int) T
Scholastic Lore (Tactics) (Int) T Talented
Senses (Per) T
Social (Fel) T
Speak Language (English) (Int) T
Stealth (Ag) T
Subterfuge (Fel) T

AT Power (Deflective Field)
AT Power (Neutralize)
Biological Upgrade x1
Command Talented
Common Lore (War) Talented
Double Team
Expert Aim
I Am Not Left Handed
Lightning Reflexes
Precise (Basic): Well Placed
Quick Draw
Scholastic Lore (Tactics) Talented
Structural Upgrade x6
Target Acquisition
Weapon Expert
Weapon Upgrade x7




Nerv Sidearm
Pistol, 30m, S/2/-, 1d10 + 3 I, 12 Clip, Full Reload, Reliable, 1.5kg

1 Sidearm Clip

‘Wyrmling’ Armored Plugsuit
4 AP All, 10kg, if would take damage while in plug, reduce damage by half before applying toughness/armor.

Improved Entry Plug
Nerv ID
Nerv Officer’s Uniform
Armored Plugsuit

Trained for War: Ranged Weapon breach adds 2
All I See Are Weapons: Improvised Weapons 1d10+1 and lose Primitive
Living Weapon: Roll WP when faced with any problem that can be solved with force application of a proper level. If fail, solve with force. Auto-succeed if problem involves superiors.
Repression: Treat insanity as 10 higher for purposes of WP test modifiers and disorders.
Athlete (10): May spend a fate point to remove all levels of fatigue, if succeed on characteristic roll improving with Physical Training time management, may regain use of time management block for something else, unarmed combat deals 1d5 + SB and double SB for purposes of carrying capacity.
Team Leader (10): Talented (Command), and a conditional Fate Point to spend on subordinate EVA pilots.
Military Nut (5): Common Lore (War) (Int) And Scholastic Lore (Tactics) (Int), as well as Talented for both
Dark Secret -(10): [ENTRY OMITTED]
Diverse Troubles (-5): Mental Conditioning
Mental Conditioning: Disobeying direct orders from the organization that trained during combat is -10 WP test. Out of combat is -0 WP test.
Attachment (-10): Alicia. If believed to be in danger, must pass -10 WP test or immediately rush to aid. If confirmed in danger, automatically fail WP test and gain + 20 to tests to aid her. If she is harmed, gain 1 insanity and 1 hour of a level of fatigue. If she is killed or taken permanently, gain 2d10 + 10 Insanity.

Time Management
Month 1
Ag: Athlete Check Passed
Second Usage: Basic Skill: Perform (Fel)

Month 2
T: Athlete Check Passed
Second Usage: Basic Skill: Athletics (Ag/S)

Month 3
Ag: Athlete Check Failed

Month 4
Ag: Athlete Check Failed

Month 5
T: Athlete Check Passed
Second Usage: Stealth (Ag)

Experience Expenditures: 2550/2550 (2550) XP
Weapon Upgrade #1 50
Weapon Upgrade #2 50
Weapon Upgrade #3 50
Structure Upgrade 1 50
Skill Proficiency (Charm) (Fel) T 100
Biological Upgrade 1 100
Awareness (Per) T 100
Dodge (Ag) T 100
Quick Draw 100
Weapon Expert 200
Skill Proficiency (Deceive) (Fel) T 100
Lightning Reflexes 100
Simple WS 100
Simple BS 100
Simple Ag 100
Weapon Upgrade #4 100
Weapon Upgrade #5 100
Target Acquisition 100
150xp Double Team (Elite Advance) (Carryover)
I Am Not Left Handed 100
Structure Upgrade #2 50
Precise: Basic (Well-Placed) 100
Expert Aim 100
Structure Upgrade #3 50
Weapon Upgrade #6 100
Structure Upgrade #4 100
Structure Upgrade #5 100


Reports & Events

Marina Maynard Documentation
Excerpt from PFC Marina Maynard’s transfer documentation


Private First Class Marina Maynard was born in Haswell, Colorado within 24 hours of Second Impact. Due to lost hospital records and the lack of any known persons present to provide confirmation, the exact date and time of birth cannot be confirmed, and as such her birth date is officially listed as September 13th, 2000. Father, deceased, is Clyde Maynard. Mother, deceased, is Melibea Hamilton. Siblings, deceased, are Linda Maynard, Bernard Maynard, and Henry Hamilton. It is unknown if any extended family members survived Second Impact and the ensuing chaos. Datamining and investigations into potential leads have turned up nothing.

Confirmed information regarding Marina’s life before her acquisition by the UNA is as follows. The chaos of the Second Impact left much of Colorado and the Midwest of Continental America devastated following tectonic activity and the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera. Bernard Maynard and Henry Hamilton are believed to have died within one month of Second Impact from tectonic activity and localized rioting respectively, due to information retrieved from written materials left by Clyde Maynard. Originally attempting to stay in Haswell, as tectonic activity increased the family attempted to relocate west with several other members of the community. It was shortly after the start of this expedition that the Yellowstone Caldera erupted, considerably complicating the journey and dashing hopes of possible rescue or relief. It is noted in Clyde’s documentation that during this time traveling, several members of the caravan either split off, perished in accidents, or perished as a result of murder. The situation came to a head when Marina’s mother was seemingly raped by another person one night, leading to the remaining family members to split and head towards the south-west, inspired by the occasional flights they saw heading in that direction overhead.

Linda Maynard perished during this period, roughly 3 months after the Second Impact, although the cause is unknown. Clyde’s documents imply he was directly responsible for the death of her, although not purposefully, and that Melibea was unaware of this fact. This left only Marina, Clyde, and Melibea alive, the three continuing to head southwest. They eventually reached the Mexican border area 4 to 5 months after Second Impact, arriving in the kill-zone set by the US to attempt to halt the influx of Mexican refugees. Due to her Mexican heritage and haggard state after the long trek, Melibea was killed by overzealous US forces shortly before the Valentine Treaty was enacted, Clyde and Marina being recovered by the same forces and brought to the East Coast with other refugees to assist in the laborious rebuilding efforts that were now commencing.

Due to his status as a single parent, and the long hours forced by the construction firms, Marina spent much of her younger years in the care of various family friends and daycares. During this time, she showed extreme social problems, being constantly withdrawn and experiencing oddly violent outbursts for a child her age, including nearly breaking another child’s arm purposefully during an altercation. It was not until her father met Harriet Avery that her condition improved. He initiated a relationship with the woman, her and her own child, Alicia Avery, joining the Maynard household. Harriet had survived the horrors Second Impact visited on Boston, Massachusetts, her daughter having been born a mere week before the event. The two girls quickly bonded, becoming good friends in spite of Marina’s apparent lack of interest in socializing before, and Marina quickly began to get over her past problems. In August 2003 the two wed, Harriet keeping her and Alicia’s last name to make any chances for her missing relatives to located her easier. In January 2006 however, a fire in the home resulted in the deaths of both Clyde and Harriet, the loss of Alicia’s left leg, and severe cranial trauma to Marina, leaving the two girls dead from their injuries at worst and homeless, parent-less, and unable to care for themselves at best. The US Military had just began practical applications of new reconstructive surgeries and replacement limbs, and saw fit to take the girls into itself instead of merely letting them go to adoption agencies.

[ENTRY OMITTED] The next year saw both girls undergoing heavy therapy, surgery, and rehabilitation [ENTRY OMITTED]. The results were promising, with both being officially entered into a special rank of Minor Private and becoming official members of the US Military in March 2008, being relocated together to the revamped United States Army Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Massachusetts for research trials.

[ENTRY OMITTED] leaving Marina to be trained mostly in effective and standardized combat regimes such as hand to hand combat, firearms proficiency, tactical maneuvering, and other such skills. Due to Alicia’s handicap she was trained in more cerebral elements, such as command and control, information analysis, tactics, and history. The two girls showed remarkable ability to absorb the knowledge of their assigned tracks, Marina in particular becoming rapidly skilled with most small arms and melee weaponry over the next year and a half. However, the two very different training schedules and interference of the US Military members not directly involved with the project saw the two girls having less and less time to actually socialize and spend time together [ENTRY OMITTED].

Psychological evaluations and basic observation had shown Marina [ENTRY OMITTED]. Meanwhile, Alicia was [ENTRY OMITTED]. Things came to a head in December 2009, when Alicia [ENTRY OMITTED]. In her bunk, she [ENTRY OMITTED], managing to keep the fact hidden from her handlers until [ENTRY OMITTED]. She was immediately rushed to the infirmary [ENTRY OMITTED]. At the same time, Marina was denied all information regarding the situation, only knowing that Alicia had [ENTRY OMITTED]. While attempting to acquire more information from her handlers, she engaged in a struggle to try and get to the infirmary, and one handler lost their temper, assaulting her and locking her into the bunk room.

At this point, Marina [ENTRY OMITTED]. Investigations into her motives after the event showed it to be a result of [ENTRY OMITTED], and that she had resolved to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Due to a combination of [ENTRY OMITTED], the event was handled extremely poorly once it began. Marina first [ENTRY OMITTED] the same [ENTRY OMITTED], resulting in the [ENTRY OMITTED] and the [ENTRY OMITTED] and the acquisition of their standard-issue sidearms. She proceeded across the facility to the infirmary, resulting in the [ENTRY OMITTED], and the [ENTRY OMITTED]. After 2 hours, the incident was contained [ENTRY OMITTED].

The next year was spent with the girls undergoing extreme psychiatric evaluation, [ENTRY OMITTED] medical dosing. Marina herself suffered heavy amnesia of the incident [ENTRY OMITTED], with even deep hypnosis methods drawing little more than what could be explained away as rooted nightmares and mixed memories from her infantile time spent among the results of Second Impact. Confirmed via the fact she has repeatedly had nightmares that were detailed re-enactments of the situation, with her showing no sign she realized they may be more than just horrible dreams. Alicia had been unconscious during the incident, so she was convinced that she had only [ENTRY OMITTED] herself before having a change of heart and rapidly informing her handlers [ENTRY OMITTED]. Due to the ‘horror of the accident at Natick’ and the minor injuries suffered by the girls, they were given nearly a full year after removal from their [ENTRY OMITTED] to recuperate and socialize among themselves and other people, [ENTRY OMITTED]. This saw them [ENTRY OMITTED], combined with Marina in particular also taking a new drug regiment designed to help [ENTRY OMITTED] hormone deficiencies caused by her injuries in the accident at Natick, [ENTRY OMITTED].

In January 2011 their training resumed, the US Military beginning to train Marina in Evangelion simulations proper with Alicia resuming her studies. In addition, observation revealed Marina [ENTRY OMITTED]. Despite much debate it was deemed to not be [ENTRY OMITTED], and thus was considered acceptable. Seeing this as [ENTRY OMITTED].

Unfortunately, in August of 2013, NERV had received enough information on both the project, the children, and the incident at Natick to force the US Military’s hand, orchestrating a transfer of the girls and all of the theoretical combat data on Evangelion-scale weaponry the US Military had developed. Despite all efforts, the project was deemed a failure at this point due to little practical results, and the US Military cut their losses by agreeing to the transfer. In September 2013, Marina Maynard and Alicia Avery were promoted to Private First Class and officially assigned to work under NERV command, on loan as personnel from the US Military. The two girls took the change fairly well.


Marina Maynard’s personality is incredibly odd, both influenced heavily by her recent life and by her loss of all family beyond Alicia. While she is not outwardly cold or hateful on purpose, she has an incredibly tendency to be blunt and as a natural result rude, a trait acquired by nature of growing up mostly among construction workers and then on US Military grounds for much of her life. While she has not demonstrated [ENTRY OMITTED] incident at Natick, her temper is still an issue, causing her to make irrational or poor choices sometimes. While she is able to interact socially with people, most everyone she has interacted with since her and Alicia’s induction into the US Military has either been much older than her, much higher rank than her, or [ENTRY OMITTED]. This has led to a lack of practical social skills, again causing her to make blunders without even being aware that she is. In addition, she seems to have trouble actually deeply confiding in a person that is not Alicia, meaning her sister is her only true “friend” at the current time. Despite this, she shows an apparently natural talent at commanding people, both in an obvious manner or via [ENTRY OMITTED]. More alarmingly, she [ENTRY OMITTED] to purposefully [ENTRY OMITTED] and to [ENTRY OMITTED], showing at least some level of realization that she is capable of doing so.

Despite her militarily-oriented upbringing, she has been allowed to cultivate several hobbies and interests [ENTRY OMITTED]. Some larger ones are an interest in music, resulting in her learning to play acoustic guitar reasonably well, including composing small original works sometimes. As well, she seems to enjoy gardening to some degree, cultivating and raising various plants during her year off. In addition, she could be easily described as a hopeless romantic, burying herself both in novels and showing interest when her conversation partners brought up relationships or the like. It is believed the first stems from the fact Alicia herself enjoys music of a similar sort, and the second at least from the fact Marina has not experienced many romantic things in her life. Despite this, she shows an abnormally low interest in sexual situations and events. It is believed this is a side effect of both her drug regime and possible residual damage from the fire in 2006, as well as her general lack of normal social situations until very recently in her life.

As befitting the effort that went into her [ENTRY OMITTED] upbringing in the US Military, she shows a distinct eagerness to both receive and obey orders from superiors, designed to help better [ENTRY OMITTED] manage her [ENTRY OMITTED]. In addition, she has a tendency to naturally trust and respect those above her, meaning her handlers and commander at NERV will likely find her easy to deal with. However, she still shows an incredibly strong attachment to the US Military, one exacerbated by the fact that she still technically is a PFC in the armed forces, just one on loan.

Marina Maynard

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