Nadyezhda Zeemovna Ivanova


42 WS
35 BS:
37 S:
48 T
39 Ag
28 Int
32 Per
35 WP
27 Fel
35 Sync
17 Wounds
3 Fate Points
35 Ego Barrier
Insanity 10 (20)
xp 2100
Female Neo-Spartan Point man.
Traits: Know Your Enemy, All I See are Weapons. Memento, Repression
Assets: High Endurance, Soldier
Drawbacks: Damaged Goods, Dark Secret*, Impetuous

Trained Skills:
Awareness (per)
Command (fel)
Common Lore (war) (int)
Speak Language (English) (Int),
Literacy (Int),
Scrutiny (per)
Security (agi)
Speak Language (Russian)
Dodge (agi)
Awareness (per)

AT power (Deflective Field)
AT power (Neutralize)
AT power (Layered Field)
Skill Proficiency(Security),
Skill Proficiency(Scrutiny),
Hot Blooded
Sound Constitution
Interference Pattern (Harmful)
Maneuver Mastery
Quick Spread

Standard Plugsuit
Improved Entry Plug
Nerv ID
Locket with aged photo (mother),

Xp expenditures: 2000/2100
Awareness (100)
Hot Blooded (100)
Guardian (100)
Biological Upgrade (Redundant organs I) (100)
Biological Upgrade (Stronger I, II) (200)
Structure Upgrade (Wing Battery I) (50)
Structure upgrade (Improved entry plug) (50)
Sound Constitution (50)
Weapon Upgrade (Four of these) (250)
Agility Increase I (100)
Weapon Skill Increase I (100)
Dodge (100)
Jaded (100)
Interference Field (100)
Manipulation I (Layered Field) (200)
Maneuver Mastery (100)
Quick Spread (100)
Toughness increase I (100)
Skill Proficiency (Drive) (100)




St. Petersburg, being about as far from the south pole as you can get without entering the arctic circle, was spared the tidal waves and other initial devastation that much of the rest of the world experienced with the Second Impact. However, the change in the axial tilt of the earth had essentially destroyed the breadbasket of Russia. Within two years, starvation had started in on the population centers, within three massive die-offs began. Formerly “nice” sections of the city became little more than slums. Nadya’s mother Anna turned to the world’s oldest profession in order to survive, or at least that is what she claimed whenever she was asked. Whether or not this is true is unknown, as Anna gave birth to a daughter two weeks before the second impact, naming her Надежда Зимовна Иванова (aglicized as Nadyezhda Zeemovna Ivanova) The only thing of note in the name is the patronymic, it literally means “Winter’s Daughter” indicating that Anna either did not know the father’s name, or preferred not to pass it on to her daughter. Whatever her profession before the Second Impact, after it she could find work only as a prostitute. Which she did for seven long years before meeting her end at the hands of two customers. [REDACTED]
Three months later, the half feral Nadya was found wandering through the slums by a military patrol, she was put in a holding cell in Kresty prison until arrangements could be made to put her in an orphanage. Of course, no one bothered to explain to the seven year old why she was in the scary cold cell. She attracted the attention of NERV upon breaking out and threatening to kneecap anyone who tried to put her back in the cell. One of the guards at this prison still walks with a limp, fortunately for him, Nadya had never used a gun before, so instead of hitting his kneecap and crippling him, she blew a chunk out of his calf. Still an impressive first shot for a seven year old from twenty feet away. Nadya was in fact very lucky, because while this little drama was playing out, in the same building was a NERV employee, on the hunt for prisoners with possible useful skills. The NERV employee managed to talk down the oddly calm child, and when he returned to NERV St. Petersburg, he brought with him a new resident.
The process of crafting a human being into a killing machine is a delicate and complicated one, and there were concerns about Nadya for several reasons, primarily her mental stability as she was a very withdrawn child, but also her stubborn streak and irrational attachment to a locket that was the only item of value she had with her when she was picked up. The depth of this attachment wasn’t tested until a newer employee decided to take it away from her as punishment for poor behavior. This was four years later and those four years had included extensive training in both armed and unarmed combat. This employee remained in intensive care for three weeks before pulling through, while in outpatient care he developed a phobia for pre-teen girls and sharp objects. After some discussion, it was determined that Nadya could keep the locket.

Nadyezhda Zeemovna Ivanova

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