Spencer Grey

Kickass Robot Pilot


Name: Spencer Grey
Unit: EVA Unit D-01


WS 49 39+10 +4
BS 26 +2
St 37 +3
To 32 +3
Ag 35 34+1™ +3
Int 33 +3
Per 33 +3
WP 35 +3
Fel 36 +3
Sync 62 57+5 +6
Wounds 10/10
Fate Points 4
Ego Barrier 35
Insanity 8

Spencer grey

Egghead (Tech Use) 5 depth
Troublemaker (Silent Move, Sleight of Hand) 10 depth
Thrill Seeker 5 depth

Impetuous 10 depth
Poor Vision (One Eye) 5 depth
Diverse Troubles (REDACTED) 5 depth

Speak Lang -English (berserker)
Literacy (berserker)
Common Lore – Science (prodigy)
Common Lore – Local News (prodigy)
Common Lore -History (berserker)
Stealth (troublemaker)
Theft (troublemaker)
Acrobatics (berserker)
Social (berserker)
Technology (egghead) +10
Investigation (exp)

Skill Proficiency x2
Biological Upgrade (Free)
Weapon Upgrade (Free)
Talented Tech Use (Egghead)
Ghost in the Machine
Please Move
EA Double Team sfw
Furious Assault
Take Control: Relentless
Controlled Rage

AT Powers:
AT Power (Deflective Field)
AT Power (Neutralize)

2 AP, Arms, Body, Legs, 7kg
Nerv ID

Lifepath: Prodigy
Common Lore (Science, Local News) (INT) Trained
Beginner’s Luck: +10 to FP Reroll
Synch Flux: Roll extra 1d10 for Synch Disruption, choose pos/neg value

Empathetic: When taking Ego Damage, increase by SR
Open Mind: -1 Feedback Threshold

Brawler Experience Expenditures: 999/999
Bloodlust (100 exp)
Bestial (100 exp)
Ghost in the Machine(100 exp)
Please Move (100 exp)
Biological Upgrade x3 (300 exp)
Sync Ratio (Simple, 100 exp)
WUP (50 exp)
SUP ((50 exp)
Skill Proficiency: Investigation (100 exp)

Savage Experience Expenditures: 1999/1999
EA Double Team (150 exp) sfw
Dodge (100 exp)
Furious Assault (200 exp)
Hotblooded (100 exp)
Take Control: Relentless (100 exp)
Weapon Skill (Simple 100 exp)
Weapon Skill (Intermediate 250 exp)

Beastly Experience Expenditures: 2100/3999
Controlled Rage (100 exp)

Berserker Experience Awards: 2551
1 exp (Cannibal Serenade) 2/20
400 exp (Sachiel Defeated) 2/20
100 exp (Impromptu Roll Playing) 4/5
400 exp (School Days) 4/23
400 exp (It wasn’t a panty raid I swear) 5/2
400 exp (ChaosBot hates everyone, but MagicHateBall just hates us) 5/22
200 exp (Social Engagement! Geeeet!) 12/5
200 exp (Social Engagement! Concluded) 2/1
250 exp (Why no Berserking? aka Marina sucks) 4/1
200 exp (Spencer’s Sudden Death Ball) 7/29

Time Management: 2/5
Agility +1
Skill Proficiency: Athletics


Spencer is a street rat who grew up in the destitute area around Detroit city and lived in near poverty for most of his childhood. Devastated by the Second Impact, Detroit quickly became a ghost city, full of abandoned buildings, thieves, and other unscrupulous types. It also became his playground. The son of two workers at a Ford automobile plant, he witnessed first hand the company’s colossal efforts in lobbying for and constructing the massive EVA unit-D01, with Nerv oversight of course. As the project neared completion Spencer begin to work there as well assisting in the construction of some of the spare parts and mechanisms involved, though he, like his fellow workers, knew nothing of the equipments final form or purpose. In the construction of one of the crucial components, Spencer was involved in an accident that caused the loss of one of his eyes.

Once the unit was completed, the company sent both the machine and Spencer to Seattle to serve as its pilot. Given Spencer’s disability, its unclear how they knew that Spencer would have the capabilities necessary to pilot the machine or even how they knew how to find him in the midst of that abandoned city. However, when given the chance to join Nerv, and even more to the point, pilot a giant fucking robot, Spencer was sold, hook line and sinker.
As a pilot Spencer is aggressive to an almost unhealthy perspective. He feels special for being chosen, is proud of his skills and doesn’t hesitate to let other people know it. He tends to snap in showy ways when angered, though he never makes a big deal about it when calmed down. He has shown no talent with ranged weapons and has had issues following orders he disagrees with, though it has not come to a court martial yet.

He has a special relationship with his EVA, which he refers to as his partner or companion. Not only did he have a hand in constructing it, but it bears the symbol of the Ford company, a symbol of the hopes and dreams of his home. Perhaps most significantly, he feels connected to it on a deep level, they both lock an eye (though in the EVA’s case its by design) and they were built by the same sort of people, both literally and metaphorically. The EVA, in its turn tends to act particularly protective of Spencer when in use.

Spencer Grey

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