Living symbol of the will of the Indian survivors.


Unit Designation: EVA-IN1
Unit Alias: NONE/TBD
Construction Location: CLASSIFIED
Sponsor: United Nations Security Council / UN Indian Refugee Zone
Primary Color: Dull Green
Secondary Color: Dark Black


34 WS
39 BS
25 S
30 T
32 Ag


Head- 4AP, 5 Wounds
R. Arm- 4AP, 7 Wounds
L. Arm- 4AP, 7 Wounds
Body- 7AP, 11 Wounds
R. Leg- 4AP, 7 Wounds
L. Leg- 4AP, 7 Wounds


  • Entry Plug (Improved) (+5 BS/WS)


P.KNIFE: Melee, 1d5+5R 1 Bre +4 Pen, Progressive, Proven (3), Compact
P.RIFLE: Basic, 50dm, S/2/3, 1d10
2I +0 Bre +0 Pen, Clip6, Rld 1 Full, Carbine, Reliable



One of the many conflicting priorities of Project Evangelion has been the galvanization of the ravaged nations of the world toward the effort to save Humanity. In many instances, the construction of an Eva unit has been ‘sponsored’ by one group or another, in an effort to invest them in the project, even if their actual ability to aid the UN’s efforts is minimal, or less.

EVA-IN1 was designed for agile motion and fine AT Field manipulation. A Core Array is first on the list of scheduled upgrades, as is enhancements to armor.


Soul Feature – Maternal: Protective Berserk.
Mutation Feature – Extremeophile: Sea Depth -500, Can’t be set on fire, survives in Space to Critical Damage. STR -5.
Construction Feature – Lightweight Chassis: When knocked prone/stunned, both happen. Add 10 to dodge.
History Feature – Flagship: If symbol remains OK, extra 1d5+FB Surplus.


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