EVA Unit D-01

Would you like some making fuck BERSERKER


Unit Designation: EVA-D01
Unit Alias: “Mohican”
Construction Location: Detroit, USA
Sponsor: Ford Motor Company
Primary Color: Bright Black
Secondary Color: Neon Red


WS 49
BS 26
S 40
T 35
AG 30


Head- 5AP 5 Wounds
R. Arm- 5AP 3/7 Wounds
L. Arm- 5AP 7 Wounds
Body- 8AP 9/11 Wounds
R. Leg- 5AP 7 Wounds
L. Leg- 5AP 7 Wounds

D01 body


Progressive Knife Mk I

Melee, 1d5+9 R, 1 BR, 4 Pen, Progressive, Proven(3), Compact

Pallet Rifle

Basic, 50dam, 1d10+2 I, 0 BR, 0 Pen, 6 Clip, Rld 1 Half, Carbine, Reliable


Melee, 1d58 I, 2, +1


Melee, 1d108 R, 1, +1, Unbalanced


Melee, 1d1010 I, +0, +2, Slow, Unbalanced

Banked WUP: 3

Wing Loadout: Progressive Knife Mk1

Biological Upgrades:
Natural Talent
Natural Weapon (banked)
Unnatural Sight: Spectrum

Structural Upgrades:
Armor Enhancement I
Wing Loadout (Storage) (Free)


Constructed on behalf of the US government by the nearly destitute Ford Motor Company after the wake of the Second Impact. This EVA was designed to be the crowning achievement of American engineering and ingenuity. Dubbed the Mohican or the last Mohican by its builders, it carries the hopes and dreams of that workforce with it. Rumors of mysterious accidents during its construction or the unauthorized modification of the unit, including removing some crucial limiters, can not be confirmed. However it is known that one of its optic nerve connections did develop properly leading to the installation of a Cyclopean visual system.

Notable Features:
Perhaps most obviously, this EVA is huge, about 25% more massive than the original test models, with correspondingly higher degrees of strength and endurance. These changes are most noticed in the broader chest, shoulders, and trunk of the EVA as well as in its hands and feet. Though painted a glossy back, neon red inlays mark important junctures and secondary surfaces, areas which tend to glow correspondingly brighter as the sync ratio increases. On the right breast, a stylized “Ford Tough” logo has been stenciled on.

Brand New: Your Evangelion is fresh out of the box. It is in excellent condition and has
plenty of spare parts to use. Whenever this Eva loses a limb or is defeated, it
generates 1 less Collateral Damage. Unfortunately, it is untested and poorly
calibrated. Lower your BS in the Eva by 5.

Hulking Frame: Your Evangelion is well-muscled and well-armored, providing the unit a +5 to
its Strength and Toughness, but its Agility is lowered by 5.

Za Beast: The Evangelion is very difficult to keep restrained, and tests involving the
unit often ended in an attempt to break free in a violent manner. Gain a +20
bonus to your rolls to Berserk, but generate an additional point of collateral
from failing to fall dormant and thrashing about.

Mighty Soul: Your EVA is possessed of an incredibly strong willpower, and it is all you can
do to keep it restrained during combat. The Eva has the Savage Berserk Type

EVA Unit D-01

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