EVA Unit R-00



Unit Designation: EVA-R00
Unit Alias: “Goose” or “ГУСЬ”
Construction Location: [REDACTED], Russia
Sponsor: Russian National Government
Primary Color: Dark Blue
Secondary Color: Dark Grey


WS 38
BS 40
S 30
T 30
AG 32


Head- 3AP 5 Wounds
R. Arm- 3AP 7 Wounds
L. Arm- 3AP 7 Wounds
Body- 6AP 11 Wounds
R. Leg- 3AP 7 Wounds
L. Leg- 5AP 7 Wounds



Progressive Knife Mk I

Melee, 1d5+5 R, 1 BR, 4 Pen, Progressive, Proven(3), Compact

Pallet Rifle

Basic, 50dam, 1d10+2 I, +0 BR, 0 Pen, 6 Clip, Rld 1 Half, Carbine, Reliable

Banked WUP: ?

Wing Loadout: Progressive Knife Mk1

Biological Upgrades:

Structural Upgrades:
Armor Enhancement I
Wing Loadout (Storage) (Free)
Entry Plug (Improved)


Flagship: As the symbol of Mother Russia, your Eva is expected to
perform at its utmost and never appear to be weak. Your Eva represents an
investment by your benefactors, but if it is damaged Nerv is held liable. You
gain an additional 1d5 + Fellowship Bonus surplus after every battle unless the
Evangelion was defeated. If the Eva was defeated, the collateral caused from
damage dealt to it is doubled.

Reactive Armor: Your armor is lined with shaped charges meant to deflect powerful attacks,
though said charges are larger and deeper in the armor than is safe. When you
take critical damage for the first time in any battle, said damage is halved
(rounding up) and becomes of the Explosive instead of the normal type.

Small-Scale Model: Smaller and sleeker than the others, it none the less moves and strikes with
vicious efficiency. The Eva has -2 AP for all body parts but Tests to attack it
are at a -10 penalty.

Invasive: Whenever you are in the Eva, you can feel something watching you. Worse yet,
sometimes you feel the same presence when you dream. The Eva has the
Supernatural Berserk Type.

EVA Unit R-00

Evangelion: Children of Men Akodobob