A Brave New World

What We Know About…


American Revolution
Public order collapsed in the American Southwest in the wake of Second Impact. The breakdown of communications and infrastructure led to widespread poverty and hunger in the region. Local communities banded together to cooperate for survival and developed an antipathy for the absentee legitimate government which was unable to provide basic services. Failures to service debt or pay tax by the area’s citizens led to widespread unrest and eventually violence necessitating the application of martial law. Several accidental deaths among the populace during showdowns with the military fanned the flames of unrest into a full blown insurgency operating throughout the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Violence continued for several years before a peace accord was reached involving amnesty for both sides and the establishment of a Truth Commission to investigate the extent of the crimes committed.

Shanghai was one of the first major population centers attacked by an Angel, and China refused to let UN-Nerv assist in the protection of it. Six to twelve N2 warheads were detonated at maximum yield, killing the Angel and 10 million plus citizens. While arguably a ‘victory’, it more or less only succeeded in showing the world that UN-Nerv was the only chance they had to resist the Angels, at least for the time being.


NERV bases are deployed around the entire globe to protect from Angelic assaults. North America has roughly 14 Evangelion units, with slightly less in Europe and slightly more in Asia. Not every NERV facility has an Evangelion unit stationed within them, with many large facilities defended entirely with conventional forces. The standard number of Evangelions deployed in bases that have them is 3, with the number lowered to 2 or raised to 4 based on the relative importance of the area they defend and the risk of angel attack. In addition, most defense bases such as NERV-07 in Seattle are multipurpose, also covering R&D or Manufacturing roles. NERV-07 itself is notable for being one of the larger research facilities.

North American Presence
NERV has four coastal bases (Seattle, LA, Boston, Savannah) with three Evangelion units each (Excepting Seattle, which now has 4 active Evangelion units), and the Midwest Defense Corridor based out of Omaha with 2 units. A map showing a rough visual approximation of standard response areas for each base is available

NERV had Evangelion units ready to engage the Angels even before the first attack.

Gendo Ikari is the UN-NERV High Commissioner of Your Heart. So, yeah. Yeah.

If NERV thinks shit is fucked up, they’ll investigate. NERV-07 and Morgan are currently under special investigation by NERV High Command for the Makatiel incident, with the two lead inspectors on site being Misato Katsuragi and Rei Ayanami.

There is resistance to NERV and their operations. It ranges from political parties and governments to small terrorist organizations, but so far the overwhelming might of the Angels has meant that no action has yet been taken. During the Tahriel attack on Seattle, Washington, unknown enemy personnel invaded NERV held private emergency bunkers and slaughtered everyone in one of them, only being diverted from a second by on-site NERV responders. The attackers were well trained and armed, and dedicated enough that one caught alive killed themselves with a cyanide pill in a tooth.

NERV is broken up into sections, each tasked with a certain area of responsibility.
Section 1: Operations
Section 2: Security
Section 3: Research/Development
Section 4: Public/Governmental Relations, [REDACTED]
Section 5: [REDACTED]


Mass Production
The Evangelions themselves are mass produced, albeit in numbers far less than the term would suggest. There are currently roughly 80 operational and deployed to NERV bases for defense purposes against Angel attacks. More are currently under production and coming into operational status as time passes.

The public at large is unaware of the ability of the Evangelion units to berserk. However, Pilots and other NERV personnel who need to be aware of the potential are informed of the possibility. Even so, there has been at least one case of public Berserking, in the form of Pilot Ikari losing control of his unit during his first sortie, leading to the complete and visceral eradication of the attacking Angel.

Public Awareness
The public knows of the Evangelions. The public knows they defend them from Angels. The public doesn’t know much past that.


All pilots in the NERV piloting program are born post-SI, even if the timing is extremely close, and thus are younger than many would wish they are. The public reason for this is simply that the pilots in this age category are able to better utilize the Evangelion units. They are not informed of much more than the fact the units are controlled via a partially neural interface system, one able to be utilized by younger minds more efficiently. They are unaware of the feedback system letting the Pilot feel what the Evangelion feels, and nobody knows what happens when you stay synced too long or too hard.

Most Evangelion pilots are kept in secrecy, for their safety and the safety of the city as a whole. Some, such as NERV-02’s pilots, are celebrities, but even their place of residence and schooling location are kept a tightly guarded secret. While most pilots attend school and such in a public setting, they are done using cover stories and falsified documents. It is simply to give them a normal life where NERV can afford to do so. It is up to the pilot’s superiors if they live on base or off.


The only known public goal of the Angels seems to be to attack heavily populated areas, thus almost exclusively drawing them to major urban centers.

Rate of Attacks
The average rate is roughly 1 to 2 Angel attacks worldwide per month with an occasional lull. The Angels first appeared in 2013.

Name Schemes
Each MAGI unit has individualized quirks, meaning there is no true unified naming structure beyond NERV filing attacks by time and location. Thus, Angel designations may be anything from cold military style callsigns to archaic names for… angels.

The corpse of Sachiel was the first known instance of angelspawn, either on the Evangelion or Personnel scales.

A Brave New World

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