Major Houserules

Between-Session Fate Points – Custom

If you need to spend a Fate Point between official sessions, it will come out of the amount you have at the beginning of the next session.

If you need to burn a Fate Point between sessions, may God have mercy upon you.

Terminal Insanity Burn – Borderline 193

When your character reaches 100 Insanity Points, they may burn a Fate Point to avoid being rendered Terminally Insane just as though they were burning Fate to avoid death. Until the effects of burning Fate would normally expire, you are rendered immune to further Insanity, Ego Damage, and count as having burnt Fate to survive. Your Insanity Points are then reduced to 50. You may remove your Acute mental disorder, but your Minor and Severe disorders remain, and you may still gain additional disorders as normal.

Debt Collection – Borderline 188

The Operations Director may at any time, “spend” more Surplus than the group actually has to purchase on credit. Their Surplus now enters a negative value, the total of which is kept track of separately. Once a Surplus cost has been solidified into a negative value, it is immediately multiplied by 1.5 and added to the total amount Nerv owes. As they gain more Surplus, a portion of it is automatically deducted to pay for these outstanding costs, on a per battle basis. During each Post-Battle phase, half of the total amount Nerv owes is immediately subtracted from the total Surplus gained, reducing the negative Surplus by that much (adding more back on if this exceeds the amount of Surplus Nerv actually gains of course). Nerv may not at any time owe more than 200 Surplus.

Condensed Skills – Borderline 187

The following skills are removed, instead replaced with the designated skill that is considered to perform the functions of all skills under it:
Climb, Contortionist, Swim: Athletics (Ag or S) Basic
Awareness, Search: Senses (Per) Basic
Barter, Carouse, Charm: Social (Fel) Basic
Blather, Deceive, Disguise: Subterfuge (Fel) Basic
Computer Use, Tech Use: Technology (Int) Advanced
Conceal, Shadowing, Silent Moves: Stealth (Ag) Basic
Drive, Pilot: Vehicles (Ag) Advanced
Evaluate, Gamble: Appraisal (Int) Advanced
Interrogate, Intimidate: Coercion (S or Fel) Basic
Inquiry, Lip Reading, Scrutiny: Investigation (Per or Int) Basic
Security, Sleight of Hand: Theft (Ag) Advanced
Survival, Tracking, Wrangling: Wilderness (Int) Advanced
Note: References to gaining or improving a skill replaced by a new one instead gains or improves the new skill, the exceptions being that Senses may not be raised in any other way than how Awareness would be, and Resilient Metabolism gives its bonus to Social only when drinking is occurring.


Keep It Together

Requirements: Fel 35, Trained in Command
The player may spend a fate point as a reaction to let any other character ignore the results of a single shock roll until the end of combat. At the end of combat, the results of the shock roll are applied as normal. Shock rolls incurred after Keep it Together is used are treated seperately and require additional Fate Points to ignore.


HELIOS Beam Splitter – Borderline 105

Basic, 60dam, S/-/2, 1d10+2E, 1 Breach, 4 Pen, 20 Clip, 1 Full Reload, Maser, Scatter, 3 Requisition

Plugsuit Variants – Borderline 112

Plugsuits will be unlocked via related research or other events, Dive Suit excluded. Once unlocked, a suit may be worn into battle with no further costs associated with it.

Unlocked Suits:

‘Wyrmling’ Armored Plugsuit
AP 4 in all body locations. In addition, if the pilot would take Damage while inside the plug, reduce that Damage by half.

Test Reset Plugsuit
AP 0 in all body locations. If the pilot’s Synch Ratio would exceed 100, they are treated for all effects and purposes as having a Synch Ratio of 100, though their actual Synch Ratio remains unchanged. In addition, the pilot ignores any effect that would treat them as being in a Synchronization Category higher than Upper Operational Depth Limit. The limiting effects of the suit can be activated and disabled as a Free Action.

Standard Plugsuit
AP 2 in all body locations except the head. All pilots start with a Standard Plugsuit.

Locked Suits:

Biorelay Plugsuit
AP 0 in all body locations. In addition, whenever the pilot would take Ego Damage, they take one less, to a minimum of one.
Limiter Plugsuit
AP 1 in all body locations except the head. In addition, increase the pilot’s Feedback Threshold by 2.
Monitor Plugsuit
AP 2 in all body locations except the head. In addition, anyone with the Remote Care Talent may use it on the pilot without spending fate.
Nerve Plugsuit
AP 0 in all body locations. In addition, if the pilot would spend a Fate Point to re-roll a Test, they may use their Synch Ratio in place of any other characteristic. As well, if they spend Fate to re-roll and the Test is failed again, they may spend a second Fate Point to re-roll the Test a second time.


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